Shaping Fiction: Preface

A blank page.

A never-ending supply of words.

A billion different structural combinations.

This is the dilemma that faces anyone who decides to pursue writing. When I turn to the blank page, I’m already thinking about the entire plot; I’m considering how I will make my characters appear ‘real’ and believable, and I’m debating exactly how my story should begin. I’ve often turned to the internet for advice, but there seems to be a lot of conflicting views. Some people say the first chapter or prologue of a book can usually be scrapped, and others believe in the value of a short, snappy prologue that lures the reader in.


Regardless, I’d like to introduce my site ‘Shaping Fiction.’ The purpose of this blog is to encourage discussion and collaboration. I will be sharing my thoughts on different aspects of writing, so if you have anything to contribute please do comment. Undertaking research, I will discuss my thoughts on making characters seem realistic, devising a good title, and the editing process…to name a few topics. I’ll also share some book reviews and examine tactics used by successful writers.


This introductory post is hopefully short and sweet, but stay tuned for my next post: How To Bring Your Book Character To Life. This will analyse how other writers have successfully made those believable characters. Those characters that you can relate you; the ones you fall in love with and the ones that bring you to tears. If you want to keep updated, I will aim to post a blog every week on a Friday evening.






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