I’ve been absorbed in fiction from a young age. Reading was my favourite hobby – it was an escapism to explore elements of the world that would never feature in real life. Writing allows this too – it enables me to be all the characters I am not and to explore the things that fascinate me the most. I enjoy expressing my passion and I only write what I want to read, hoping there are others out there who may appreciate it.

I’m hoping to use this blog not just to express my thoughts, but equally to meet with like minded writers. I encourage comments and collaboration as I think healthy discussion results in deeper understanding of the craft. Most of my writing blog posts will share tips gained from my own experience, but I will also post book reviews and anecdotes from time to time. Please feel free to get in touch if you’d like to talk about any aspect of this blog. Equally, I’m happy to read through any pieces of writing and offer my feedback.